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Gentle Dental Care for Kids

Dr. Wiley Elick and his team want every child to be comfortable in our office. Dr. Elick is known as “The Kids Dentist,” having spent over 30 years treating children, adolescents, teens, and children with special needs. Our care is always gentle, respectful, and focused on our patients’ comfort.

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A Healthy Smile Is a Happy Smile

All of us at Kids Dental Group are dedicated to making your child’s smile healthy. We spend extra time teaching proper brushing and flossing skills as well as the importance of good dental hygiene. We specialize in children’s dental, so we present educational content at your child’s level so they have a good understanding of “how” and “why” to keep their teeth clean.

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Regular Visits

One of the most important factors in keeping your child’s teeth healthy is regular visits to our office. Even baby teeth can be at risk for decay! Issues with early tooth loss or decay can affect secondary teeth. Make and keep your routine appointments for regular exams and cleanings. Early detection of issues will prevent bigger problems as your child grows.

A Toothy Riddle:

Jimmy has 31 candy bars.

Then he eats 17 candy bars.

What does Jimmy have now?




Fun Fact

Mosquitos have 74 teeth! They’re so small you can’t see them without a microscope!

Keep your child’s teeth healthy!

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